Etosha Park, Namibia

Brilliant game watching at waterholes in this world famous park

This world famous park is situated on a salt pan with fabulous concentrations of antelope, elephant, lion, black rhino, Damara dik-dik, and blackfaced impala. This park offers absolutely brilliant opportunities for game watching at water holes in addition to normal game driving. There are very few parks that can offer such an amazing kaleidoscope of animals coming and going to the waterholes.

Etosha park is situated in Namibia, the home to the Herero and Himba peoples. The capital of Namibia is Windhoek, an elegant, orderly city where you may start or end your journey. The drive from Windhoek to Etosha takes about 5 hours. Passing vast stock farms - a landscape both harsh and breathtakingly beautiful. The name 'Namibia' means "a place of great and arid plains".

Be advised that during the summer rainfall season - i.e. mid November to mid May - the elephant move away, so you will not be guaranteed sightings of them at that time. Also, December / January is very busy as it is school holiday time.

This tour combines very well with the tour to the Kalahari/Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Enjoy all the wildlife activity at the various waterholes in Etosha on a privately guided safari.

  • 5 day Safari with en suite facilities - departing/returning Windhoek, Namibia. Quote on request